Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Overview of Terrance's history

To continue to grow intellectually, emotionally, and above all spiritually as I encourage similar development in others. To continue to follow my calling by entering the open job market and obtaining, holding, and functioning effectively as a chaplain, counselor, teacher, or similar worker in a correctional, mental health, military, or social service facility.

-Served honorably in the U.S. military for four years, with one year in the war zone of Vietnam.
-Subsequently held various transportation-related jobs such as service station operation, taxi driving, over-the-road trucking, city bus (and stock car driver, #66 for Dan's Interstate Phillips 66).
-From military, outside employment, and my current prison counseling ministry, have grown in my ability to surpass stereotypes and see people as people.
-Gained and began to share a deepening spiritual insight as I passed through my experiencing of long-term incarceration.

Spiritual Counselor, Advisor, Minister, Wisconsin Department of Corrections, 1999 - Present.
-Dialogue with clients to help them define goals, identify barriers, and find resources that can, in some way, enable them to have a richer more rewarding life.
-Help clients to address areas of concern such as family, divorce, marriage, parenting, homosexuality, hopelessness, feelings of abandonment, anxiety, anger, suicidal thoughts and general depression.
-Draw heavily on learning gained from my personal spiritual quest as well as from our shared experience within the correctional environment.
-Deal intensively with at-hand incarceration related issues, but also, address the future and decisions to be made "on the outside."

-Engage in active, empathetic listening and response in order to establish and maintain relationships of positive rapport and trust.
-Respond and attend to interlocutors' body language, and emotional content as well as the logical content of verbal statements.
-Counsel and assist any inmate regardless of social status or reputation within the institution.
-Always work to understand and counsel from each client's own core values, personal goals and definitions of short and long-term problems.
-Ask facilitating questions, make clarifying/reflecting statements, and focus on desired solutions.
-Help clients as they set goals, name stressors and clarify issues.
-Also help them to identify/implement wanted changes, formulate strategies to reach them, and evaluate their effectiveness and desirability of results.
-Add to the value and impact of my counseling by remaining ready and immediately available to fellow inmates around-the-clock to the full extent that institutional security allows.
-Give all types of service ranging from long-term life planning to immediate crisis intervention.
-In addition to one-on-one counseling, facilitate the faith and well-being of others through public speaking to outside church and community groups as well as in our own chapel services.

-As another key aspect of counseling, give spiritual mentoring to help clients discover how they got into their current life with its problems and to find the strength to ultimately overcome them.
-Emphasize ownership of problems and the behaviors that led to them and how they relate to their ultimate empowerment issue.
-Along with current issues, seek to address the future and decisions that must be made once clients return to "the outside."
-Always aim to empower people by helping them to determine what they can and can't control.
-Motivate all to accept a full share of responsibility so they can take steps to enhance their personal lives both now and in their future faiths.
-As a minister and spiritual counselor, lead others to explore their own particular faith and their relationship with their God, but only in so far as they are open and receptive.

While in prison, held various long-term work assignments including clerical support for our printing school and our garment industry. Have also served as a math and reading tutor for the prison's GED prep program. Before incarceration, was a professional driver for about ten years. Drove a cab, a city bus, a school bus and a stock car for a total of about four years. In addition, drove an eighteen-wheeler from coast to coast covering 600,000 miles in six years. Also, held various minor jobs such as work in a food packaging operation (Stokley Van Kamp) while in high school.

U.S. Air Force - 1966- 1970 Comments: One year of service in the war zone of Vietnam
Held a secret security clearance
Received 7 medals and commendations

Ph.D. Worldwide Universal Life Church -- Modesto, CA Subject Area: Philosophy of Religion Certification: Ordained Minister & Certified Spiritual Counselor
Ph.D., Worldwide Universal Life Church - Modesto, CA Subject Area: Biblical Studies
Publications: Does the King James Bible Have Errors In It? Doctoral Dissertation. Comment: Developed and published a 54-chapter, 320-page manuscript from my doctoral dissertation which was registered & copyrighted with the Library of Congress in Washington D.C.
Shaw's Revised King James Bible, Registered & Copyrighted.
Comment: Based on Biblical errors addressed in my doctoral dissertation, revise entire King James Bible and filed with the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C. Master's Degree, Worldwide Universal Life Church - Modesto, CA
Subject Area: Religious studies
Bachelor of Arts, Kenneth E. Hagin's RHEMA Bible College, GPA: 4.0/4.0 Scale Tulsa, OK Four-Year Correspondence Course, Herbert W. Armstrong's Ambassador Bible College: Pasadena, CA

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